Looking for a way to celebrate spring and welcome in May? We’ve got an unorthodox suggestion for you: why not take in a basement show filled with soulful ballads from the likes of “Long Call,” “Ian Van der Wee,” and “Chloe’s World” as they grace the intimate downstairs stage at Sanctuary Arts Centre on May 9th. 

Photo by: @correia.photo (on Instagram) Artwork by: Avalon

Leading the charge is Long Call, a Halifax-based sibling duo consisting of Avalon and Landen Moore. If you’ve not yet had a chance to catch them in concert, this is a great opportunity (and possibly your last one until September). Their unique blend of alt-folk and indie rock, described as “recklessly DIY,” paints a picture of raw emotion and introspection. Drawing from their diverse backgrounds – Avalon, a queer ex-therapist, and Landen, a relatively tall ex-farmer – Long Call’s music resonates with authenticity and vulnerability. With haunting harmonies and evocative lyrics, they invite listeners to delve into the depths of human experience, promising an unforgettable performance that lingers long after the last chord fades. 

If you still have a few late-blooming cathartic tulips to spring up from your soul, though, you need only wait for Ian Van der Wee to take the stage.

Photo by: @22pinkstreet (on Instagram)

Ian Van der Wee is a retired school bus driver turned singer-songwriter whose music embodies a delicate balance of strength and tenderness. With a dynamic stage presence and unassuming lyrical prowess, Ian invites audiences on a journey through the highs and lows of life, delivering powerful performances that tug at the heartstrings. From powerful cries to gentle invitations, Ian’s music transcends boundaries, offering solace and connection in a world filled with noise.

Next, to help till the rich soil of a potential “summer to remember,” they’ll welcome Chloe’s World to the stage.

Rounding out the lineup, Chloe’s World is a collaborative recording project of Ryan B, a songwriter and vegetable farmer living in rural Nova Scotia. With roots deeply embedded in the earth, Chloe’s World offers a sonic tapestry that reflects the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Through lush instrumentation and introspective lyricism, Ryan invites listeners to ponder life’s mysteries and find solace in the simplicity of everyday moments. From the quiet intimacy of a folk ballad to the electrifying energy of indie rock, Chloe’s World’s music captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

Sanctuary Arts Centre’s downstairs stage promises to be the perfect setting to start your May right. Tickets are just $10 in advance, and doors open at 7:30 PM (music starts at 8 PM). We invite you to water your soul now and enjoy the flowers that will grow late into the summer (we’re not guaranteeing this is the perfect place to kick off a summer romance, but it will be candlelit and “lush” musically….).

Take this as your invitation to experience the magic firsthand on May 9th at Sanctuary Arts Centre’s downstairs venue.



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