Alex Coley & Afterlove’s big album release party

Join Alex Coley and Afterlove for their long-awaited debut album release event on March 2nd at 8:30 PM. The event will take place at the Sanctuary Arts Centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

The indie-folk ensemble, led by songwriter Alex Coley, will perform their latest work titled “The Arc.” They promise an unforgettable evening of heartfelt melodies and introspective lyrics.

Event details:

About Alex Coley & Afterlove

Crafted around Alex Coley’s soulful voice, Afterlove navigates the tension between joy and pain, heartache and healing. Their debut album, “The Arc,” will be released on February 28th and explores universal themes through vulnerable lyrics, serving as a potent reminder of the transformative power of introspection.

Album Creation Journey

“The Arc” was produced in a studio located in Nova Scotia, amidst a beautiful birch forest. Although created in isolation, all the band members including Braden Kamermans, Ted Morris, Connor Robins, Sarah Roberts, and Dan Richards, contributed to the album’s unique sound. Kamermans produced the album, which disrupts the typical folk clichés with its soulful sound.

Insights from the Artist

In an interview with The Signal, Coley expressed a commitment to bring honesty and emotion to the music. He described “The Arc” as a diary or a personal conversation and emphasized its reflective nature. Coley acknowledged the collaborative process with his bandmates, highlighting the uniqueness of their sound.

The Experience Awaits

On March 2nd, Alex Coley & Afterlove will hold a debut album release concert at the Sanctuary Arts Centre. The event promises to be a memorable evening filled with hopeful songs, featuring themes of nostalgia, resilience, heartbreak, and unexpected clarity. This musical journey will transcend genres and capture the essence of Nova Scotia’s vibrant music scene. Book your tickets now to secure your spot and join the celebration.

Alex Coley & Afterlove – General Admission


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